Porter Square Hotel
1924 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA

This hotel is immediately next door to the wedding/reception site and just opened. We have a block of 10 rooms, however you will need to CALL them to get one, which also entitles you to 15% off the best rate, using the code CHAPEL.

Travel and Transportation

MBTA Porter Square Station (Red Line, Fitchburg Line Commuter Rail)
1899 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02140

Both the Red Line and commuter rail (Fitchburg-North Station) stop in Porter Square. Between the T and Lyft, you won't need a car if you are staying in the city.

Kids Info

Hi parents, we know how hard it is to attend a wedding when you have little ones and we want you (and them) to enjoy yourselves. So, we are hiring several insured, experienced professional childcare providers through Boston Boston Baby Sitters. They will look after the kids on site. Children will also have a special kid-friendly drinks, snacks and meal, probably pizza. And definitely cake and ice cream! We will also have a room for older kids, with some activities. They can also swing by the reception hall. Please contact Kirsten with any questions or special needs:

Wondering about anything?

Please drop Kirsten a line at Thanks!

What should I wear?
What does one wear to a Summer Bohemian Formal wedding?

It's not a costume party, but this is your chance to have some fun and wear something over the top fabulous (we plan to). That 70s bright patterned sundress or beaded vintage gown in purple? Yes! Your silk vest from Paris or seersucker suit? Definitely! Your giant hat you bought for a Kentucky Derby party? You bet (we absolutely adore hats)! The groom and groomsmen will be in formal attire and bridal party in long gowns. Expect a little bit of rock 'n roll and a lot of joyfully colorful Indian wedding influences.

Your closet doesn't look like that? Well, you can also wear a regular suit and tie or Summer wedding outfit (preferably not all black).